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Porter Auto Repair is your go-to automotive repair facility. Based out of Hurricane Utah, Porter Auto has been family owned and operated for over 30 years! We also serve customers from throughout the Southern Utah area from Bloomington to Cedar City. We offer the best service in the business based on honesty, quality, and reliability. If you have any questions about what we do, feel free to take a look around our site, or just give us a call at 435-635-7821.

For all your car and truck needs, “You ‘Auto’ Let Porter Repair It”!

“I’m a local resident. When I moved here 4 years ago. Porter’s was recommended by a neighbor. I have a Subaru with 165,000+ miles and repairs are becoming more frequent. Sandy diagnoses the problem correctly, gives you an up front and fair price, and completes the work right the first time. His state inspections are also fair with no attempt to sell you stuff you don’t need. What more can you ask? Highly recommended!”
– Thomas S.
“Sandy Porter is a straight-up Gentleman. While traveling on our way to California, we experienced auto trouble and stopped in, unannounced, hoping for the best. Many (if not most) shops would have made us wait and charged an hour minimum for the necessary repairs. He came outside while it was snowing, diagnosed and repaired the vehicle and refused payment. Sandy Porter is a True Gentleman. He deserves your business.”
– Joseph E.
“What a great shop! Have always been nervous taking my vehicles to an auto shop. Sandy at Porter Automotive was very honest, helpful and did the repairs fast. I have taken 2 of my vehicles here now and would recommend this shop to anyone. Very reasonably priced!”
– Steve O.
“The service here is beyond excellent. My boyfriend and I were having trouble with his car, and stopped in on our long drive back to California. Sandy was able to fix several things on his car, and gave us advice on how we should proceed when we got back to California. I wish Sandy could be our regular mechanic, I cannot describe how amazing his service was. He even allowed us to borrow his truck to go get breakfast in town while we waited. Trust your car with Sandy!”
– Kat E.
About Us
Sandy Porter

Sandy Porter

Office Manager | Head Mechanic | Owner

Sandy is basically your right hand man at Porter Auto. As the original founder, Sandy, has been serving Southern Utah’s automotive repair and maintenance needs for over 30 years. He has been called the ‘Best Mechanic in Southern Utah’ by many of his customers. Porter Auto Repair has many long-time customers due to Sandy’s attention to detail and personal touch. Sandy counts it a blessing to have the trust of his customers each visit. He also likes to tout the fact that he has raised 7 children and taught all of them at least some aspect of his trade. Sandy holds current ASE certifications in the following areas: Automobile Service Consultant, Suspension and Steering, and Heating and Air Conditioning. Join the countless number of people who have come to rely on Sandy’s expertise and courtesy.

You 'Auto' Let Porter Repair It

Reach Out

You 'Auto' Let Porter Repair It

Reach Out
Air Conditioning
Is that scorching Southern Utah air getting you down? We provide all aspects of A/C service for your vehicle. Come in today to get the cool air moving and a smile back on your face.
Having trouble getting your car to start? If you have had to jump your car to get it started bring it on down and we will test not only the battery but the electrical integrity of your whole car.
Does it sound like you have a cat fight going on under the hood? At Porter Auto Repair we will assess the belts and pulleys to ensure long lasting performance for your vehicle.
Do your brakes scream back at you when you touch them? This is a sure sign that you should stop by Porter Auto Repair to have those checked out. Proper brake care can save lives.
CV Joints
Does your car float all over the road when you are trying to drive straight? Please drive directly down to Porter Auto Repair and we will help you keep your car between the lines.
Diesel Services
We have the equipment and know how to take care of all your diesel needs. From the scheduled maintenance items to an engine replacement, we do it all.
Ever had a vacuum that wouldn’t suck anything up? 9 times out of 10 the issue is a clogged filter. Clogged filters in cars lead to much more devastating and costly problems.
Fluid Exchange
From transmissions to windshield wipers everything on a car seems to use some kind of fluid that needs to be changed periodically. We can do any and all of those exchanges for you.
Fuel Economy
Does your vehicle seem to be guzzling the gas? There are a number of items that can be addressed to get it running right and in its most efficient state possible. Stop into Porter Auto Repair today.
From underheating to overheating, some cars do both! Here at Porter Auto Repair we have the tools and expertise to diagnose and fix any heating problem your car may be having.
Hoses are like arteries. They carry the life-blood of the car. If a hose begins to wear then the car begins to underperform. Bring your car in today to evaluate the status of your car’s arteries
Oil Change
Is that sticker in the corner of your windshield nagging at you to take better care of your car? Do you even have one? Come in today and we can turn that frown right upside down.
Performance Exhaust
The last thing on many motorists’ minds is their exhaust. A new and improved exhaust system can improve the performance (and life expectancy!) of your car.
Safety Inspections
The have to, don’t want to, once-a-year hassle. Bring your vehicle in today and let Porter Auto Repair make your day hassle-free and get you back on the care-free road.
Scheduled Maintenance
For quality care and consulting on all matters for your vehicle, stop by Porter Auto Repair today. We can help you come up with a plan to keep your car running for the long haul.
Shocks and Struts
“Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee.” Infamous words but a little too much floating could leave a sting on your wallet. Stop by today to keep your money where it should be, in your pocket.
A car with proper suspension will have longer lasting tires and a much safer drive experience. Let Porter Auto Repair take care of your suspension needs, and keep you safe.
If your car hasn’t had a tune-up in 75,000 miles or more, a tune-up can increase your performance and mileage. A tune-up can actually pay you back! Come-in today to get your car in proper working order.
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